January Top Voters!

pvmac2194 Owner posted Feb 1, 16
Votes have been reset on the voting websites!

All final votes are in and have been counted for January, so congratulations to our top 3, actually this month with the tie, 4 voters of the month:
All three winners will receive a FREE $50 off any rank of their choice. If you would like to become one of the top voters next month - remember to vote for the server everyday!
Enjoy and congratulations, again, to our winners!

PotionProtect v4

**UPDATE** This is now live on survival.

I have been working on developing the new version of PotionProtect that fixes issues, as well as adds a few nice additions. The issues and additions are as follows:

- Full UUID support (Name changing is now supported).

- /prot view - shows your current protection

- Zones not loading correctly being fixed.

New Core Plugin

There is many issues with the current punishment and chat plugins, and to address this, I will be introducing a totally custom plugin that I made a few months back. This plugin integrates with our Cloud system, LilyPad, and also handles punishments with full UUID support. This plugin will also fix Factions chat, muting, and will eliminate the need for LiteBans.


The next server on our list is Skyblock to remake. I had my build team, Hyperscale Network, build Level Up a custom spawn for both Skyblocka and Creative. They are very simplistic, and represent the true theme of Level Up. Skyblock will have revamped kits, as well as other features you have been requesting. Post any other thoughts regarding Skyblock below!


So far, our top in the past two weeks is 103. That is amazing going from an average of 5 online. Our average now is also around 80, so thank you everyone! I have many plans for the future of Level Up, and I hope you are all excited for them!

Update on Servers

pvmac2194 Owner posted Dec 31, 15


The servers are coming along great! I thought I would give you an easy way to view the status of each server:

  1. Survival: OPEN
  2. Factions: OPEN
  3. Skyblock: NEXT TO REMAKE
  4. Creative: LAST TO REMAKE

Factions is now released, with a network count of over 103 players, thank you:

Again, I want to thank you for all of your support. This community is amazing, and with your help, we can make it to what it used to be.


The voter competition is back! Top 3 voters this month get a $50 coupon code to use in the shop! Get voting at http://vote4lumc.com


Lastly, I wanted to add a 30% off sale to all items in the shop for the whole month of January! This will help us cover the servers costs and the websites costs.

Who I am

Let me first start off with an introduction. I am pvmac2194, the new Owner of Level Up Minecraft. I have been managing Minecraft servers for over 3 years now, and have been into Java development for about 2. When I first saw this server, about 3 years ago, I was amazed at how big and prosperous it was. Squirzy did an amazing job at making the server to what it was. 700 players online was not bad for a simple Minecraft network consisting of about 5 servers at the time. When he left, I instantly gained interest in the server. Now that I heard it was closing down, I wanted to give the server another chance, to become what it used to be. I want to thank Coelho for giving me this opportunity. He is a very busy person, and I completely understand that, and I think everyone should.

My Plans

Right now, I am looking to the community for suggestions, as only you guys know exactly what you want. My plan is to bring back the old infrastructure that used to be here when Squirzy ran Level Up. My current plan of action is to fix all issues with the servers that are persistent and reset all of the servers. The servers for now will remain survival, factions, creative and skyblock. Anything can change, especially to how you guys would like it to be. So far, I have switched the website back to enjin, and am working on fixing some design issues on it to make it what it used to be. This goes the same for my ideas for the servers. Please note that all ranks will be kept through the resets.

Thank You

I know a lot of the community has lost faith in the project, but I want to say thank you for my patience, and I welcome all of you back to the servers once we are back. I am inspired by what Squirzy created, and would love to see it prosper again, but I cannot do it without the help of the community.

EDIT: All suggestions will be posted under the new forums here: http://www.levelupmc.com/forum/m/35840817/viewforum/6649034

Please post your ideas here!

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